Weighing in at Thanksgiving

In terms of our day to day lives, our scales of gratitude are balanced when the weight of our thanksgiving response to God is equal to the weight of our petitioning to Him for that same provision, intervention or answer to prayer. But so often our response weighs in light, and then we move on to the next petition.

In terms of our lifetime, our thanksgiving to God cannot possibly  out- weigh the scales of His grace that He continues to extend to us for our redemption now and for eternity.

Yet in both cases, He is worthy of every effort we make to go beyond the simple words of thank you, and to truly learn the worth and meaning of what a heart-offering of gratitude looks like. Consistent thank offerings and creative expressions of thanks can become an attitude that becomes us.  This week heading into national Thanksgiving, why not take a few moments to reflect on some of the thank you-worthy moments and blessings of our past and present.  Have we moved on from them too quickly or said thanks too lightly?  If so, let us re-visit them once again with rejoicing,  and add a little more weight to the scales of our gratitude.       T.Long

Our Locks, His Keys

The inner reality of being a new creation is proved outwardly when we start living like a new creation. Our inner transformation is continually being challenged outwardly by how we live and by the choices we make. It is a process where His keys divinely intersect with the locks that bind our thoughts and behavior, freeing us into a greater holiness.  We become a testimony to the world because they see the progressive change in us.

We can get stuck if we believe that there is just one lock that binds us. We tend to taste new freedom, celebrate change, and then it ends there.  Instead we are to continue in the process and the series of His keys unlocking our bonds, changing us as we walk from freedom to freedom.  Personal holiness is meant to be a life-long journey of progression. It is a lifestyle of choosing to deal with the locks in our lives and the change it brings.  When we pursue the freedom of personal holiness, we reveal to the world our joy in becoming more like Him.             T.Long

Underselling the Gospel

If we use The Great Confession merely as a password to get into the
House,  then we usually end up living just inside the door and become
disillusioned thinking that the tiny, overcrowded hallway is our new home.

If as leaders, we  reduce the Great Confession to a mere password and
instruct others to use it as such, then we are guilty of misrepresentation,
and are at risk of creating withdrawal and buyer’s remorse in the spiritual
House of God.         T.Long

Feeding on Jesus

Feeding on the words of Jesus give us life.
Feeding on Jesus becomes our life.

His feet become our journey.
His hands become our testimony.
His voice becomes our direction.
His eyes become our compassion.
His ears become our discernment.
His scars become our identification.
His blood becomes our restoration.
His mind becomes our humility.
His face becomes our transformation.
His presence becomes our authentication.
His heart becomes our passion.

T. Long

Reading Vs. Meditation

Reading the Word is like traveling down the main highway and looking
out the window.  Meditating on the Word is like periodically deviating off
the main highway and taking the slower, smaller road less traveled.  Both
will take us to our destination, but the latter will significantly enhance
our journey.  The scenery will change which will give us a different perspective on
where we are going.  Our speed will be reduced allowing our senses to perceive
and take in more details.  And we will get better mileage.    T. Long