Weighing in at Thanksgiving

In terms of our day to day lives, our scales of gratitude are balanced when the weight of our thanksgiving response to God is equal to the weight of our petitioning to Him for that same provision, intervention or answer to prayer. But so often our response weighs in light, and then we move on to the next petition.

In terms of our lifetime, our thanksgiving to God cannot possibly  out- weigh the scales of His grace that He continues to extend to us for our redemption now and for eternity.

Yet in both cases, He is worthy of every effort we make to go beyond the simple words of thank you, and to truly learn the worth and meaning of what a heart-offering of gratitude looks like. Consistent thank offerings and creative expressions of thanks can become an attitude that becomes us.  This week heading into national Thanksgiving, why not take a few moments to reflect on some of the thank you-worthy moments and blessings of our past and present.  Have we moved on from them too quickly or said thanks too lightly?  If so, let us re-visit them once again with rejoicing,  and add a little more weight to the scales of our gratitude.       T.Long

1 thought on “Weighing in at Thanksgiving

  1. Three years ago, I started my own list of “10,000 Things to Praise the Lord for” (by Jan Dargatz : Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1993) . So far, I have 1331 on my list! These are like grains of fertilizer to keep a healthy view of God’s amazing and abundant goodness, and at the same time, to keep the weeds of bitterness and complaining from spreading. Thanksgiving and thanks living go hand-in-hand.

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