Look Up Not Down

Are you, or someone you love, facing a season of difficulty or hardship with circumstances beyond your control?   Take comfort in this reality:

One of the dearest, nearest and clearest views we have of our Good Shepherd is the one that we get at close range looking up at him into his face when carries us in his arms, when we are as broken and helpless lambs .

The Prayer of Investment


Making poor investments of our time is as detrimental as over-estimating
the worth of the assets that we are building.  Thankfully we have a wise Investment Adviser who is available 24 hours a day to give us advice on how to invest and spend our time.
However, His best advice for us is worthless to us unless we take it.  Unfortunately today, many of the highest returns of spiritual investments are missed because they may require a willingness in our part to embrace a season or even a life of earthly simplicity.

O Lord, give us clarity to see what we are doing with our time and how we are
spending it.  Steer us away from worthless diversions and empty investments of wood, hay and stubble. Give us the wisdom to recognize the worthy occupations of gold, silver and precious stones, and guide our feet towards them.  Should you require it, help us to embrace a diminished life in terms of earthly wealth in order to build something that you value.  Forgive our demands for prosperity in this life.  Provide everything that we need to accomplish what you have called us to do. Give us the courage to invest our lives into the Kingdom currencies that you treasure and hold dear for eternity.    Amen         T. Long

Merging Sacred and Secular

sky and waterAs lines of distinction that divide the sea and sky begin to fade and the many shades of blue unite at the horizon; may your Spirit permeate us so completely so that lines of distinction that divide secular and sacred begin to fade into one mindset, uniting the shades of our duality into one expression.  T.Long

Opening the Gate of Thanksgiving

gate openSaying thank you is like standing near the garden of provision and calling out words of thanks to the Gardener over the garden gate.

Offering thanksgiving is when we open the gate and enter the garden.  We
linger over the beauty of each flower that He tended to, and we savour the fragrance
of His faithful provision and grace.  We sit and visit with the Gardener.

Thanksgiving and gratitude activates the heart to kneel before the Gardener,and initiates a divine exchange where our pride and self-sufficiency
is increasingly replaced by a spirit of total   dependency on the Him for all things.

                                                                                     T, Long