Common Discernment: Wired For Sound


Personal common discernment builds on the ability to hear His voice in our heart.  The Bible states the words of Jesus in John 10:27 .. “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me..”

God’s Word spoken in the heart primarily comes through His Word written in the scriptures.  He also speaks powerfully through creation, and can also use circumstances, situations and other people to speak His Truth in to our hearts for illumination and for our discernment.
I often hear a number of interesting statements to the contrary, especially this one,  “He is not speaking to me because I can’t hear anything. I am just not wired that way”.   Guess what?  We are wired that way.  We are wired for His sound.  Just as healthy babies are born  with hearing ears and seeing eyes, so our spirit-being, the inner man, is equipped with eyes of the heart and ears of the spirit which become more  functional and enabled at regeneration  A baby cannot understand the specific words that his mother speaks but he learns and knows the sound of his mother’s voice and then grows into an understanding of words and meanings. So our spirit can hear and learn the sound of our Master’s voice and then, with time and good listening skills, we can come into a greater understanding of meaning and direction.  Plus the nature of discernment allows us to glean from others who can listen for us and with us when we need it.
But if we are in a perpetual state where we cannot hear His sound,  it is not because He is not speaking.  And it is not because we do not have spiritual ears.   Perhaps we need to take a closer look at some things that can impede our hearing.         T. Long

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