He is Our Hope: Second Sunday of Advent


Hope waits for a promise that is not yet fulfilled.   Hope watches for a star that has not yet appeared.  Hope walks to a place that is not yet known.

The wise men were on a journey of “not yets” long before they ever arrived at their destination.   But it was also a journey of hope because they believed they would find what they were searching for.  We find Hope when we are hoping to find Him.  The second candle at Advent reminds us that He is the Hope not only of our destination, but also of our present journey.  Like a star, He lights a path for us to follow, and His rays of hope penetrate deep into the “not yets” of our hearts.

T. Long                    

1 thought on “He is Our Hope: Second Sunday of Advent

  1. thanks Terry for so faithfully sharing these beautiful little nuggets of truth ……….. fresh bread always tastes so good …………….


    On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 8:11 PM, Ponder-Worthy

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