A New Year to Consider Social Media

Some of us may be giving the impression that we are kneeling at the altar of sacrifice, when in reality we are affixing our name tag to the base of our own pedestal. How, you ask?   Do we honestly have kingdom motives in mind when we build personal empires of social media, when we encourage others to follow our every tweet as we hope to build a name and a following of influence for “His glory?”  Kingdom influence and favour is a gift and a grace of God, not a self-generated internet ego-stroker.   Self worth and self esteem come from being loved and from being in the presence of someone who loves us.

As we head into a new year for 2013, may we consider how and why we use social media. Rejoicing, praising and keeping in touch with friends is one thing, blatant bragging and puffing up is another.   Let us honestly ask ourselves if we need to raise the bar and set some new standards or boundaries for this new year.  John 3:30 reminds us that “He must increase but I must decrease”, which is a difficult road to navigate at the best of times, and especially if our laptops become misguided pedestals for our egos.        T. Long 

3 thoughts on “A New Year to Consider Social Media

  1. This is the very discussion Bob and I had as we drove to Oshawa today it was in regard to FB and how much time we spend talking about ourselves. A thought comes to mind and we think we are so important that every one of our friends need to know it. We are praying about that together. Thank you for for sharing these insights with us. So very much

  2. Another thing about fb that has been troubling me is that it drags me from the present moment, and sometimes keeps me from the present task. Though I love to reconnect with old friends, and make new friends, I wonder if it sometimes distracts me from where God has placed me.

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