Making Space

The seeds of a joyful, selfless and disciplined life lie dormant in the heart, and call out for water to come to life.  The Holy Fountain that waters the heart and brings forth life is the same flood that dislodges the roots of selfish entitlement and unaccountability and washes them away.  Our on-going challenge is to let go of these encroachers and let them drown, making space for valuable growing room in the heart.    T. Long

Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord…Really?


If we really meant the words that we sing, “Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you..”  then God would not need to use a crowbar to pry them open.  We know that our lip song does not match our heart cry when we shut our eyes to the unexpected and start telling God what we expect Him to look like.  The eyes of our heart are opened at spiritual birth but we can blind ourselves and cover our eyes to what we don’t want to see. We tend to put Him in a box and put parameters around our range of vision.  Spiritual vision comes when we yield our hearts to look at what He wants us to see and that usually involves our willingness to look outside the limited box of our expectation.                                T. Long

Accomplishing Great Things For God


Common Christian duty hands a bottle of water to a thirsty soul.  Uncommon love and compassion will pop the lid, pour it out and lift  it to their lips.
Some of us may not be in a position to accomplish great things,  but small things can become great things for God when we do them with His love and compassion. In God’s eyes, nothing that we do is lost and He values the great and small based on how much effort we take to make our hands disappear in order to make His more visible.             T. Long


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…..


January 6th is the last day of Christmas ending with the twelfth night Feast of Epiphany.  Epiphany has been translated in the Bible as the words “coming”, “appearing”, “revelation” and also “manifestation”.  It is the latter word that is most associated with Epiphany,  and celebrates the day that Jesus was made known or “made manifest” to the world as the Christ, beyond the select few at the manger scene about a month earlier.  Jesus was presented at the temple and immediately recognized by Anna and Simeon who revealed Him as our salvation and light.

Christmas gifts come and go, but Epiphany reminds us that a Sacred Gift appeared and keeps on appearing. Jesus eternally reveals Himself as our Holy Gift of Salvation and Light and He comes to hearts that search for Him beyond the superficial wrappings that end on December 25th.  Like Anna and Simeon, may we recognize Him for who He is when He comes to us.                                                        T. Long