Accomplishing Great Things For God


Common Christian duty hands a bottle of water to a thirsty soul.  Uncommon love and compassion will pop the lid, pour it out and lift  it to their lips.
Some of us may not be in a position to accomplish great things,  but small things can become great things for God when we do them with His love and compassion. In God’s eyes, nothing that we do is lost and He values the great and small based on how much effort we take to make our hands disappear in order to make His more visible.             T. Long


2 thoughts on “Accomplishing Great Things For God

  1. Thank you Richard for this reminder. Tomorrow I will be at my weekly drop-in down town to do foot washing., i sometimes wonder when I am there with so many street friends coming and going, disappearing for weeks at end if it is all worthwhile. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. that nothing is lost in God’s eyes and he loves our street friends so unconditionally and never despairs even though I sometimes do. Be blessed.

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