Set Free to Become Captives


True liberty is when we come under the Master.

We are overtaken by His mercy.

We surrender to His grace.

We become bound to Him with cords of love.

We are held captive by the beauty of His presence.

                                                             T. Long

The Importance of Our Sometimes


Often our tendency is to ask God to deliver us, to supernaturally remove us, or transport us from desperate or urgent circumstances.  Sometimes God in His great mercy and grace does just that.   And sometimes the greater revelation of His mercy and grace is better understood and experienced by daily communing with Him through our difficulties. Sometimes the only way to get through something is to actually go through it.  And sometimes that journey is the only means we have to lay hold of of what we desperately need.             T. Long

Diving Deep

If we are always riding the crest of the waves, then we are missing
out on the treasures of the deep.  We become deep when we go deep.  We become balanced when we engage in both.  Depth of character and depth of soul come from being with the Master who longs to take us beyond our default position of a fun and superficial faith. The full and abundant life He offers us is the life that explores the depths of who He is and what He has experienced.  And like a pearl of great price, it is worth diving deep to find it.         T. Long

Small Things Lead To a Big Place

Noticing and giving thanks for the little things in our lives is like
releasing small balloons that buoy our spirit up, rising in to the
atmosphere of praise, and combining with the jet stream of adoration that
blows across the earth and into the heavenlies, to join with the continual
throng of praise and worship that is always before His throne.    T. Long