A Holy Circle


In your cross I find my life.                   In your life I find my breath.
In your breath I find my love.
In your love I find my cross.                In your cross I find my life.

                    T. Long

The Shepherd’s Passion


My soul follows in the holy shadow of lenten pilgrimage to the foot of your cross. My spirit receives the precious life that drips from your body.  Freely given. Stained with blood. Your words torch the darkness.  It is finished.  And so it begins.  My heart is fused to your love for eternity.  My merciful Shepherd.                                                   T. Long

The Other Half of St. Patrick

As we ponder the incredible life of St. Patrick and his many contributions that encourage our faith and prayer life, it is worth knowing that one of his life distinctives was that he was a man of balance. He lived and perpetuated a principle that believed that all of life is sacred and flows to a rhythm of ebb and flow reflected in the natural world.  This was also reflected in his communal life, a rhythm that lived a balance between prayer and study, work and rest, community and solitude.  That principle holds up through out the centuries – God wants us to be people of balance. For some of us that comes easier than others.  It takes sacrifice and discipline to become people of  silence, solitude, prayer and to operate from a place of rest rather than frenzy.  It is this inner, hidden half of our lives, our “other” half that calls out for equality and equal time in our spirit.  St. Patrick understood, listened to, and cultivated his interior life which brought balance, fruit and wholeness to his world – a great encouragement for us 1600 years later.   It takes two halves to make a whole.                  T. Long

Pondering Ministry…..


The gift is never greater than the Giver.

The fruit is never greater than the Gardener.

The river is never greater than the Source.

The revelation is never greater than the Author.

Favour is not synonymous with success.

Blessing is not defined by wealth.

Humility, fame and self-promotion is a three-fold cord that is always broken.         T. Long