How, What and Who

Spiritual gifts are freely given and lovingly bestowed by God on his children.  Spiritual maturity and godly character have never been a prerequisite in order to receive or operate in them. Sadly, we all know examples of people who seem to grow powerful in their gifting but lack the character to sustain it.  But nothing takes God by surprise.  We are all broken people, yet still He gives us gifts with every hope that we will steward them in a manner after His own heart and according to His written Word.  Growing in the intimate knowledge of the Giver builds a solid foundation for our gifts to grow and for us to operate them in a manner that glorifies Him.  Becoming like Him builds our character and enables us to sustain the gift.  How we use our gifts is of greater importance than what we do with them – and it has everything to do with who we know.          T. Long

Discernment and the See-Saw


Discernment is starved if we rely only on the wisdom of godly counselors who listen for us and give us direction. While this practice is totally biblical, helpful and often vital, it is not meant to replace our own growth and maturity in learning to hear from God and His Word in our own hearts for ourselves.

Conversely we can fall into error by thinking we are totally self-sufficient in our listening and do not need the valuable input and guidance from our mature brothers and sisters.  We grow in discernment when we begin to balance the see-saw.  But the first step is often the hardest;  we must learn to recognize the imbalance in the first place.                                   T. Long

A Prayer For Spring

A piece of twine, a pointy stick, and a downy feather.  The search begins, as the spring robins scurry to build their nests.  Birds know by instinct when it is the right time to build a nest and when to prepare for the eggs to come.  When it is spring, the natural world of creation anticipates new life. Green buds on the trees, tender plants pushing through the soil, and eggs in the nest all point to a new season.

Dear Lord, may the promise of spring echo in our spirit. May we instinctively turn our
faces to You for new hope and for the anticipation of a fresh season.  As the soil becomes warm and fertile in the spring day sun, warm our hearts and stir us to new life.  May we watch for and bless the new things that your are birthing around us and in us.  Help us Lord to prepare our nests and to be ready for what is to come.   Amen

Pools of Adoration

Adoration is when the living spring within bubbles up and starts pooling in the heart,  freshly bathing us in the awareness and realization of His love, mercy and kindness.  These moments compel us to surrender our hearts and respond to Him in love and deepest devotion.

We grow in adoration as we begin to perceive these poolings in our heart when we are in areas outside of our prayer closet and outside of our regular times of devotion. We experience more moments where we recognize his love, mercy and kindness in the ordinary moments of our everyday life transforming these moments into “God moments”.  Our hearts freshly re-tune and re-align to Him in surrender, multiple times throughout the day and in our various circumstances.

Adoration becomes rich with weight and meaning when we start overflowing, pouring out, and bathing others in that same love, mercy and kindness that we ourselves receive from Him.                                                                                              T. Long