His Heart not Ours


I understand and experience regeneration as it is expressed in the precious analogy of inviting Jesus into my heart. Yet as time goes on I am becoming convinced of that as being a lesser reality because it is only the beginning and not the destination. Our ability to truly crown Him as King of our hearts and to fully yield to His Lordship is not so much about our invitation to Him, but rather His invitation to us to make a life long journey deep into the center of His heart.

  T. Long

The Great Song

I see the blue, radiant and endless.
I feel the green, vibrant and sparkling.
My spirit finds the One they celebrate with every chirp and splash and flutter. The Giver of Life stands among them. They all were nothing until He spoke. And I was dust until He breathed. And now my heart becomes a song – joining with the Great Song, joining with the blue and green – a joyous song, radiant and endless, vibrant and sparkling.