The Storms of Life


“How long will it last?” and “Will I make it through?” are two natural questions to ask ourselves when we are in the storm.  A deeper question to ask is, “Am I able to recognize Jesus when I am still in the middle of the storm and when He seems far in the distance?”

Sowing Seeds of Disunity

Often those of us who speak most about unity in the body of Christ are the very ones who, by our words, unwittingly thwart it and accomplish the opposite.  How? By using a narrow vocabulary and manner unique to our own denominational subculture which ultimately ends up excluding or alienating others.                                                                 T.Long

A Disciplined Eye

The light of the body is the eye. Like our physical eyes, our spiritual eyes have the capacity to become trained to identify fine details when we fix our gaze and keep looking intently on the object of our affections. If our eye is pure there will be sunshine in our soul.  What are you looking at?

Missing Everyday Blessings

We can often miss out on receiving the blessings, words and life-giving ministry from others who can be used of God to impart to us exactly what we need when we need it.  How do we miss it?  Because it is very difficult to receive a blessing from someone who we hold in a state of unforgiveness and it is almost impossible to receive ministry from someone who we have already judged in our heart.  Humility is the posture that recognizes that we need Him and others to fully live this life for Him.  Humility says that God can use that person to enrich my life today.  Are we able to receive it?                 T. Long