Gone Pondering…..

It has been a year since this blog was started.  I would like to thank you all for reading, liking, sharing and following something that you considered ponder-worthy. I am amazed at the response and thank you for your encouragement. I will will resume Ponder-worthy in September.  In the meantime may I remind you of our next  Quiet Pools 1 happening on Wednesday Aug. 28th – a contemplative day retreat for Ottawa women in leadership roles.  Please feel free to forward this information on to anyone who may be interested:  Learn more at Quiet Pools.  Thanks  and have a great summer!


What Do You See?


The mirror of Truth that hangs in the Word will show us who we really
are if we are willing to look in it long enough to see our reflection.

                                      T. Long

Giving and Receiving


We hear about dysfunction in the area of giving when often it is really the dysfunction of receiving that we need to overcome.  Receiving can be harder than giving. Sometimes we need more of the spiritual grace of receiving, in order to receive from those with the spiritual gift of giving.  Lord give us the grace to receive.

Follow the Arrow

Human nature is a curious thing.
There are some who prefer licking the signpost hoping to find a drop of water rather than actually following the direction of the sign that points to the true Fountain of Life.  Only He can quench our thirsty souls. Are there splinters in your tongue?              T. Long