Confirmed by Scripture


Revelation for specific personal direction should always be
weighed and cross-checked in light of scriptures regardless of how many
people confirm it and regardless of how important these people are.  God’s word spoken in the heart will never contradict the principles of God’s word written in the Bible.


The Horizontal Affects the Vertical

The quality of fellowship that we experience with God is directly affected by the barriers of dis-fellowship that we hold against one another.  When unforgiveness, estrangement and unreconciled relationships become a normal pattern in our lives, we unintentionally invite a lower standard of relating to God which we can erroneously believe to be normal.

Intentionally Aware

waterfalls 2

Intentionally nurturing the awareness of His personal saving grace in our lives and regularly ruminating on it allows that same on-going grace to continue to water our soul and to speak fresh life to our spirit. When we neglect to stir our minds to remember this grace, it can become diminished in our minds over time as a thing only of our past and then we are at risk of becoming dry in our faith.