Moving Forward by Standing Firm

treeCemented on the unshakeable Rock, standing firm in faith, rooted in Truth, and becoming deeply planted in the Saviour’s love –  when we remain steadfast in these attitudes and postures of the heart, our soul is released toward spiritual virtue and we find ourselves naturally moving forward in the holy progression of desiring to become more like the Master.


Measuring Success

We set ourselves up for failure when we measure success only by the outcome that we hope to achieve.  While some outcomes  may seem predictable, they are ultimately in the hand of the Lord. But what we can do is measure success by the process and journey we take towards that outcome.
Instead of asking the questions like: Did I get the response I was looking for? Was there increase?  Did that situation get resolved the way I want it to?
We should ask: Was I faithful and obedient to what the Lord called me to do?  Did I do it and follow through with consistent godly integrity?  Did I sense the holy presence of the Lord in that situation?  Perhaps it is time for us to use a different measuring stick to determine if we did a “good job”.