A Higher Obedience

A lower form of obedience is to obey solely out of duty. Let us seek to live out our obedience to the Master above and beyond duty.  Let us steward our own free will with such yeildedness that our spirit bends in surrender and breaks into magnificent abandonment of self.  This is the place where obedience changes from being the goal and instead becomes the vehicle for our love and eternal devotion to humbly serve the Master.

Seeing What We Are Missing

flower 1The eagle soars.
The horse gallops.
The flower blooms.
The sun rises.
The tree stands.
The stars shine.
The dolphin sails.
The wind blows.
Lord save us from familiarizing the spectacular, and from trivializing the consistent beauty, wonder and witness of your creation. Open our eyes to see you as the Creator behind the creation and the Beautiful One behind the beauty.  Help us to see what we are missing each day.