More and Less

cross (2)

If we choose to live our lives mindful of the huge debt that we owed, that we can never repay, and which has already been paid for us by mercy and grace, then we would be able to extend a lot more mercy and grace to those who owe us comparatively so much less. How can we not forgive so little when we ourselves have been forgiven so much?

Holy Tea

Ordinary water becomes an extraordinary fragrant and  flavourful beverage when it is boiled and infused with a tea bag.  Come Lord Jesus and infuse us with your holy presence.  Soak us, steep us and permeate us so completely until our very being is transformed. that we may be your cup of love and mercy to the world.

Still Stopped at the Rock

rock (2)Sometimes the thing that blocks our path and stops our way forward is when we ourselves become our own stumbling block.  The way for us to get over ourselves and to move past is when we stop at the Cornerstone Rock. We move forward when we stop ourselves from getting past Him.  Lord help us to get over ourselves but to never get over you.