Silencing Profanity

We do not need to talk like the world in order to serve and minister in the world.  Using profanity is an indication that our mouths have not yet been re-claimed from the world.  It often suggests a lack of self-control of our speech in general.

We are obligated by our position as Ambassadors of Christ to choose and use higher quality words in our everyday conversation and especially when we express our frustration.  Yes it really does make a difference what words we use.   A great way to become more intentional in our manner of speech is to not speak at all.  Consider practicing sacred silence for a set amount of time each day.   It has been a tried and true method used  for centuries by various prayer communities – and it sure beats using soap and water.

He Made Himself of No Reputation

bird face-off (2) It is sad when the world falsely accuses or seeks to tear down the reputation of honest people doing good things.  We may even experience this to some degree or at some point in our own lives. It is good to clarify a misconception and to speak truth into a lie, but sometimes a wrong can be made more wrong when we invest too much time trying to fix it.  With all the wrongs that need to be made right in this world, let us ask for wisdom  to know how much energy we should expend on trying to recover a tarnished reputation and to know when it is time to just move on.