Still in School

bridge 2There is one school that we can never graduate from and one skill that we can never master and be done with.   Whatever life path we are on and wherever we are along our journey, we simply cannot check off receiving God’s love as a task completed to move on from.  Instead, we adopt an attitude that says we are not done yet while we are on this earth.  Let us sit with Master Jesus and never stop learning  how to recognize and how to receive his amazing love and grace as it unfolds and pours out upon us each day.  It is a heavenly course of study that we can never out-learn, coming from a Master that we can never out-know.


What is Your Sheepdog?


It is a troubling thing if we always turn our daily inconveniences into “demonic attacks” and pray that they be “cut off” and “taken away”.  The things that bug us, the constant annoyances and the inconvenient circumstances – these things purify our character and should provoke us to turn to God for the grace and patience that we need each day to persevere. Maturity does not attribute every negative thing as from the enemy. Sometimes the things that challenge us, that constantly nip and bite at our heels are the very things that God uses to get us up and and to keep us moving in the right direction for our spiritual growth.

The Narrow Way

pathway 2 (2)It takes work, courage and endurance to live out our faith and walk the narrow road to higher ground.  There is no easy way.  It is a “long obedience in the same direction” that chooses to keep our eyes on the Master, our feet on the path and our hands on the plow.  The path of life leads to life.  We do not walk alone when we walk with Him.

Choose Life

As we come to know the person of God we come to understand that it is His breath in us that gives us life. In Him we live and move and have our being.  But before we knew God, He knew us.  He knew the person of our soul and the person of our body even before our bodies were fully formed. To know God is to know that human life is sacred for all persons, for those living inside the womb and for those living outside of the womb. The slaughter of innocent lives breaks the heart of God.  We do not have to look to twisted radical extremists in other countries to find genocide. We find it in the human medical bio-hazardous waste bins in our local hospitals. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison.