Hidden By Light

sky light divine

If we are children of light then we are to walk in the light. We must try to resist our natural tendencies to hide in the shadows. Darkness cannot hide us.  Instead let us seek refuge in the light. When we are covered in His light we are hidden by His light, and we find a safe place for our soul.




Thanksgiving Confession

fall coloursThere is so much in the Lord that we can be truly thankful for, yet so much in the world that is truly vexing and grievous. Joy and sorrow, life and death – the great juxtaposition of the human soul. But through it all, we can hold fast and give thanks for this hope;  Jesus Christ remains the life of our life. Holy Spirit continues to illumine and regenerate human hearts. And God the Father is good, his mercy is everlasting and his truth                                                                                      endures to all generations.