The Sacred Knowing


sunset 6 (2)

We have never been unknown to God. He knows us before we know Him. He has always known us, even before we knew ourselves.  But everything changes in that sacred moment when He is made known to us. Our souls finds rest when we come to know that we are known.


A Greater Strength

leaf one (2)

Strength should not always be measured by how long we can hang on without losing our grip. Sometimes it takes a greater strength to finally just let go.

Already and Not Yet

santa prassede

He is already the King of a real kingdom that is not of this earth.  If He is our king, then we are people of his kingdom and kingdom people.   Lord increase your kingship in our hearts that we may live more according to your kingdom and less like the world while we are on this earth.  Grant us wisdom, grace and courage to bring your kingdom in to where the world touches us, to our spheres, and to the places where your kingdom is not yet. Thy kingdom come. He reigns and He will reign.  Amen.