Reality Check

bare tree (2)We would find it unusual if someone claims to be a pianist but doesn’t play the piano, or claims to be an athlete but is not athletic, or a chauffer who doesn’t drive, or a chef that doesn’t cook…you get the picture. But when it comes to the Christian sub-culture, it is not only common, it is accepted as normal when someone claims to be a disciple of Christ but is not disciplined in the basic spiritual foundations, or claims to be a follower of Jesus but is not walking in His footsteps.  Let us take a bare and honest moment for a reality check and ask ourselves if we really are attempting to live like the person that we claim to be.

The Colours of His Fingerprints

crimson dawnThe sigh of crimson waking the dawn. The chirp of brown calling the sun. The mirror of blue calming the lake. The smell of green following the rain. The taste of red picked from the field. The touch of gold brushing the trees. The swirl of orange raking the wind.   The chill of white crunching the boot. The whisper of indigo nighting the sky. Creation stewards the beauty of His hands, and these are the colours of His fingerprints.




Hope and Prayer

mountainThere is a difference between hoping in the Lord and hoping that He answers our prayers the way we tell Him to. Hope in the Lord means that we trust Him to give us and others what we need when we need it. We hope in Him for who He is, not just for what we can give us.  Hope in the Lord says “I still trust you with my life even when I don’t get what I want.”