The Fisher of Men

fishing alone (2)

There is no random cast of the net from the Fisherman’s boat.  There is no random cast of the rod in the Fisherman’s hand.  There is a fisherman-shaped hole in every heart and His love captures the soul that searches for it.  A glorious capture from cold dark waters. Kind and loving Fisherman, hook our souls and never let us go.

Reflections on the Virtues

trees (3)Humility withers in the shadow of self-promotion.                         Forgiveness is not defined by the absence of pain.                            Peace is deeper than the absence of conflict.                                          Hope looks past the unfavourable  forecast.                                       Faith is not shaken in the undesirable outcome.

The God of Love

sunset 12It is a good thing to love the love of God.  But it is possible to be in love with the love of God more than being in love with the God of love. When we are in love with His love, we start doubting God and his promises when we do not feel His love. But when we come to know the God of love for His person and for who He is, we become more stable and secure in our position in His love even when the feelings of His love are absent.



Little Big Things

drops on red (2)Great things come in small packages that we often ignore, dismiss, or miss entirely because of its size or seeming insignificance. Sometimes the greatest revelations from God to our hearts appear in the tiniest of details to our eyes. Let us open our eyes wide this week and watch for the small things in order to hear what God would say to us through them.. Don’t miss it!