Good Investments

chair empty (2)Financial literacy, financial advice, investing in RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs, financial planning and wealth management – if only we planned the use of our time as seriously and meticulously as we plan the use of our money.   The greatest excuse we use for not spending time with God is that we simply do not have any spare time.  Perhaps it is time to sit down and create a strategy for time management and if necessary, get some advice and wisdom on how to set goals and make plans to regularly meet with God.  Investing our time with God is always time well spent.   It opens up a wealth of spiritual riches to lay hold of in our present daily-to-day life – riches that we don’t have to wait until our future retirement to enjoy.

Aim to Walk Higher

relax (3)I have been told that 2 things are certain in life: death and taxes.  I would like to add a third – a continual lowering of world life standards.  It does not surprise me that the world continues to sink lower in terms of life standards. But it does surprise me when we claim to have a new Lord and Master yet we continue to live by the lowering standards of this world.  The laws that our country were founded on continue to be disrepected and disregarded. I expect that from the world, but not from the Redeemed. Our old mindset and ways of thinking need to come out from the world and be transformed.  Abortion, adultery, unfaithfulness in marriage, stealing, lying, disrespect for parents, consuming materialism, living for money, cheating employers, this should never be normal behaviour for a Christian yet churches are full of such and look no different from the world. Let us purpose in our hearts to aim to walk higher because if we aim at nothing, we will hit it every time.

Continual Resurrection Life

sky light divine (4)On an Easter morning long ago,  a heavy stone was miraculously rolled away from a tomb and a resurrected Jesus gloriously appeared as the risen Lord to the disciples who loved Him. He came to them and they were filled with a new love and a new hope that changed their lives forever.            And so it continues.                    Jesus continues to miraculously roll away the heavy stones of our hard hearts.  He continues to come as the risen Lord and Saviour and appears in the hearts of all who love Him.  And He continues to fill us and change us with new life, new love and new hope.  This is the good news of His continual resurrection life.