Thank You Tulips

tulips 2The Ottawa Tulip Festival is more than just thousands of glorious tulips for tourists to come and look at each year.  They are a gift of thanks from the Netherlands to Canada commemorating the significant role that Canada played in Holland’s liberation during the second world war and also providing asylum for the Dutch royal family.  The tulips symbolize the continual gift of friendship between Canada and Holland since 1945.                                                         Whether it is  between two countries or two people,  friendships  should be celebrated as meaningful and precious relationships that nourish the soul. Saying thank you and showing appreciation for friends and those we love is almost a forgotten virtue of courtesy these days.   We have too many moments where our  thoughtful words or small gifts of appreciation turn into missed opportunities to thank our friends.  Like the gift of tulips, let’s remember to celebrate our friends and the great blessing that they are in our lives.

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