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Periodically, I write and post a small morsel for a moment of reflection as we walk along our Christian journey together.  I value the wisdom and balance that comes from His Word, so I am trusting that His Truth will  resonate in our hearts and speak to our spirit.  I invite you to hit the word “follow” in the bottom right corner to automatically receive Ponder-worthy on Sunday evening in your email inbox. You are also welcome to leave comments and to share it. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

For a frame of reference, and for those of you who need categories, (you know who you are!)  I am a Christian, non-cessationist, contemplative, evangelical baptist.   But for me, I describe myself as a lover of God and follower of Jesus, who came alive at the age of 5, who is still learning at His feet, who is still undone, who seeks to become authentic and leave fruit that remains. I love prayer, the Word, Him and His smile.  I have had the awesome privilege of speaking  cross-denominationaly since the mid-nineties in churches, morning and mid-week meetings, workshops, retreats and special meetings in Canada and England.  I have seen some amazing things.  But to me, one of the greatest miracles and mysteries is when the Breath of God regenerates  the human soul and begins the process of evidenced transformation.  In a heartbeat our destiny is changed for eternity.  I still stand amazed in The Presence and hope that I never get over it.       Terry  Long

Photographer:  Cathy Jean Coulson

CathyI am so blessed by my friend Cathy who is a gifted photographer and has taken many of the photos that I use in my Ponder-worthy blogs posts. I love her heart of worship.  I first met Cathy 8 years ago when she came to the National House of Prayer with a prayer team from western Canada. Cathy was born in Calgary AB and now resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia where many of her beautiful pictures have been taken. She has also traveled and taken photos in South Africa, Israel and Australia.  A gifted singer/song writer and photographer Cathy loves to cause people to reflect on the wonder of God and his creation through her photographs, drawing us closer to the Creator of all things.  Thanks Cathy!                                                                                                                Psalm 19: 1-4:   The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim  the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them.
Yet their voices goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.

All photos used by permission.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dearest friend,
    This sounds so wonderful! I only wish that I lived near enough to Ottawa to attend. May God bless you richly as you give out all that He prompts within you.
    with much love and admiration,

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