A Good Question For Holy Week

cross (4)Why do you look for the living among the dead?  That was the question that the 2 angels asked the women who came to the tomb looking for Jesus.  The angels told them that Jesus was not there, but he had risen.  The women were looking in the wrong place.  This is still a relevant question to ask ourselves 2000 years later.  Our souls search for life but we look in all the wrong and empty places.  Life cannot be found in the tombs of this world.  We find life when we find the risen Jesus. This Easter, let us end our search in the dead end places.   Let our souls rise up to meet Him and let us continue to receive the abundant life that He freely gives.


The Soul’s Solution

moon 2 (2)Only He can:                                  Find a searching soul              Anchor a drifting soul              Cleanse a darkened soul              Melt a hardened soul                    Heal a wounded soul                            Revive a thirsty soul               Rescue a dying soul                       and Save a lost soul –                           Jesus, Lover of my soul.

The Fisher of Men

fishing alone (2)

There is no random cast of the net from the Fisherman’s boat.  There is no random cast of the rod in the Fisherman’s hand.  There is a fisherman-shaped hole in every heart and His love captures the soul that searches for it.  A glorious capture from cold dark waters. Kind and loving Fisherman, hook our souls and never let us go.

The Colours of His Fingerprints

crimson dawnThe sigh of crimson waking the dawn. The chirp of brown calling the sun. The mirror of blue calming the lake. The smell of green following the rain. The taste of red picked from the field. The touch of gold brushing the trees. The swirl of orange raking the wind.   The chill of white crunching the boot. The whisper of indigo nighting the sky. Creation stewards the beauty of His hands, and these are the colours of His fingerprints.




A Higher Obedience

A lower form of obedience is to obey solely out of duty. Let us seek to live out our obedience to the Master above and beyond duty.  Let us steward our own free will with such yeildedness that our spirit bends in surrender and breaks into magnificent abandonment of self.  This is the place where obedience changes from being the goal and instead becomes the vehicle for our love and eternal devotion to humbly serve the Master.

The Great Song

I see the blue, radiant and endless.
I feel the green, vibrant and sparkling.
My spirit finds the One they celebrate with every chirp and splash and flutter. The Giver of Life stands among them. They all were nothing until He spoke. And I was dust until He breathed. And now my heart becomes a song – joining with the Great Song, joining with the blue and green – a joyous song, radiant and endless, vibrant and sparkling.