Good Investments

chair empty (2)Financial literacy, financial advice, investing in RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs, financial planning and wealth management – if only we planned the use of our time as seriously and meticulously as we plan the use of our money.   The greatest excuse we use for not spending time with God is that we simply do not have any spare time.  Perhaps it is time to sit down and create a strategy for time management and if necessary, get some advice and wisdom on how to set goals and make plans to regularly meet with God.  Investing our time with God is always time well spent.   It opens up a wealth of spiritual riches to lay hold of in our present daily-to-day life – riches that we don’t have to wait until our future retirement to enjoy.

Little Big Things

drops on red (2)Great things come in small packages that we often ignore, dismiss, or miss entirely because of its size or seeming insignificance. Sometimes the greatest revelations from God to our hearts appear in the tiniest of details to our eyes. Let us open our eyes wide this week and watch for the small things in order to hear what God would say to us through them.. Don’t miss it!

Reality Check

bare tree (2)We would find it unusual if someone claims to be a pianist but doesn’t play the piano, or claims to be an athlete but is not athletic, or a chauffer who doesn’t drive, or a chef that doesn’t cook…you get the picture. But when it comes to the Christian sub-culture, it is not only common, it is accepted as normal when someone claims to be a disciple of Christ but is not disciplined in the basic spiritual foundations, or claims to be a follower of Jesus but is not walking in His footsteps.  Let us take a bare and honest moment for a reality check and ask ourselves if we really are attempting to live like the person that we claim to be.

A New Journey for a New Year

canoe (2)One of the best journeys we can take in 2015 is the journey towards stillness with God. Stillness with God  allows us to lay aside our doing and allows His presence to simply love us and to invade our awareness with that love.  In stillness we learn to lay hold of His love and we learn to carry that constant awareness of His presence with us comfortably and effortlessly wherever we go, whatever we do and whoever we are with.  Stillness with God does not just happen.  Like all journeys it takes some planning to set aside personal time. Learning to still the soul is one of the cheapest journeys you can take, yet it has one of the richest yields in terms of destination.  Why not take an intentional journey this year and embark on a pilgrimage of the heart?

Still in School

bridge 2There is one school that we can never graduate from and one skill that we can never master and be done with.   Whatever life path we are on and wherever we are along our journey, we simply cannot check off receiving God’s love as a task completed to move on from.  Instead, we adopt an attitude that says we are not done yet while we are on this earth.  Let us sit with Master Jesus and never stop learning  how to recognize and how to receive his amazing love and grace as it unfolds and pours out upon us each day.  It is a heavenly course of study that we can never out-learn, coming from a Master that we can never out-know.

The Narrow Way

pathway 2 (2)It takes work, courage and endurance to live out our faith and walk the narrow road to higher ground.  There is no easy way.  It is a “long obedience in the same direction” that chooses to keep our eyes on the Master, our feet on the path and our hands on the plow.  The path of life leads to life.  We do not walk alone when we walk with Him.

Silencing Profanity

We do not need to talk like the world in order to serve and minister in the world.  Using profanity is an indication that our mouths have not yet been re-claimed from the world.  It often suggests a lack of self-control of our speech in general.

We are obligated by our position as Ambassadors of Christ to choose and use higher quality words in our everyday conversation and especially when we express our frustration.  Yes it really does make a difference what words we use.   A great way to become more intentional in our manner of speech is to not speak at all.  Consider practicing sacred silence for a set amount of time each day.   It has been a tried and true method used  for centuries by various prayer communities – and it sure beats using soap and water.

All Things Are Possible

Sometimes the most miraculous thing that we can do is not “signs and wonders”. It is when we make a way to clear our calendars for a time to meet with God – a sacred space devoted to Him with our full attention, void of electronics and multi-tasking.  It is a time to be fully present to Him long enough to experience a meaningful encounter.  Perhaps it is time for us to take a look at our impossibly busy calendars and remember that all things are possible, even the miracle of free time if we look really hard.