Soul Spring Thaw

frost (2)Just like the frozen, snow-covered ground of winter, the soil of our hearts can become winterized and hardened with the pain and sickness of unforgiveness.  Even when our hearts are warm and alive, we may still be protecting these hidden frozen enclaves. This is the season of melting snow, fading frost, and dripping icicles – all are pictures in creation that call out to us to turn the face of our hearts into the warming wind. Time, humility and the amazing grace of God  can soften our inner ice and warm us to embrace healing and reconciliation with our loved ones. Be open to what God could be saying to you through creation this spring. This could be your season for a soul spring thaw.

Hope and Prayer

mountainThere is a difference between hoping in the Lord and hoping that He answers our prayers the way we tell Him to. Hope in the Lord means that we trust Him to give us and others what we need when we need it. We hope in Him for who He is, not just for what we can give us.  Hope in the Lord says “I still trust you with my life even when I don’t get what I want.”

An Expectant Hope of More to Come

It is not so much about God finding  a habitation for His glory on the earth as it is about God finding those who will steward Him in their hearts in such a way that facilitates a habitation for His glory on the earth. We are to live in expectancy for Him who has come already, to come again.  His genuine, living, active and cumulative presence in us releases what will cover the earth like the waters covering the sea.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.