Break Up a Bad Relationship

chainFame and self-promotion are easy friends in a prideful relationship that is commonly found in the world.           Fame and humility are uneasy friends in a complicated relationship that takes effort to make it work in a godly way. It is difficult but possible.  But put all three together – fame, self-promotion and humility and it is a doomed relationship from the start. It is puzzling to watch Christian leaders trying to make this dysfunctional relationship  work and convinced that there is nothing wrong. Instead, it is like a three stranded chord that is always broken, or like the links of a chain that is always too short.

Investing Beyond Ourselves

The mark of a mature leader with a father-heart is one who is secure enough in their own gifting and identity in Christ to be able to reach down and pull someone up from beneath with the hope and intent to help that person surpass the leader.   We fall short and miss the mark when we believe that they will always be less mature, always less gifted, or that the mentored will always be lesser than the mentor, or that they will always be called to follow their leader. Leaders are called to build followers of Jesus, not to build and keep followers beneath themselves.

Lesson From a Donkey

Scriptures do not record the donkey of Palm Sunday braying to his other donkey friends about how greatly the Lord used him on that special day.  One of the greatest disciplines lacking in the Body of Christ today is that of treasuring our sacred moments with the Lord quietly, pondering them in our hearts and stewarding them in holy silence instead of “braying” about them.