Break Up a Bad Relationship

chainFame and self-promotion are easy friends in a prideful relationship that is commonly found in the world.           Fame and humility are uneasy friends in a complicated relationship that takes effort to make it work in a godly way. It is difficult but possible.  But put all three together – fame, self-promotion and humility and it is a doomed relationship from the start. It is puzzling to watch Christian leaders trying to make this dysfunctional relationship  work and convinced that there is nothing wrong. Instead, it is like a three stranded chord that is always broken, or like the links of a chain that is always too short.

Good Investments

chair empty (2)Financial literacy, financial advice, investing in RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs, financial planning and wealth management – if only we planned the use of our time as seriously and meticulously as we plan the use of our money.   The greatest excuse we use for not spending time with God is that we simply do not have any spare time.  Perhaps it is time to sit down and create a strategy for time management and if necessary, get some advice and wisdom on how to set goals and make plans to regularly meet with God.  Investing our time with God is always time well spent.   It opens up a wealth of spiritual riches to lay hold of in our present daily-to-day life – riches that we don’t have to wait until our future retirement to enjoy.

Reflections on the Virtues

trees (3)Humility withers in the shadow of self-promotion.                         Forgiveness is not defined by the absence of pain.                            Peace is deeper than the absence of conflict.                                          Hope looks past the unfavourable  forecast.                                       Faith is not shaken in the undesirable outcome.

The Colours of His Fingerprints

crimson dawnThe sigh of crimson waking the dawn. The chirp of brown calling the sun. The mirror of blue calming the lake. The smell of green following the rain. The taste of red picked from the field. The touch of gold brushing the trees. The swirl of orange raking the wind.   The chill of white crunching the boot. The whisper of indigo nighting the sky. Creation stewards the beauty of His hands, and these are the colours of His fingerprints.




Choose Life

As we come to know the person of God we come to understand that it is His breath in us that gives us life. In Him we live and move and have our being.  But before we knew God, He knew us.  He knew the person of our soul and the person of our body even before our bodies were fully formed. To know God is to know that human life is sacred for all persons, for those living inside the womb and for those living outside of the womb. The slaughter of innocent lives breaks the heart of God.  We do not have to look to twisted radical extremists in other countries to find genocide. We find it in the human medical bio-hazardous waste bins in our local hospitals. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison.



He Made Himself of No Reputation

bird face-off (2) It is sad when the world falsely accuses or seeks to tear down the reputation of honest people doing good things.  We may even experience this to some degree or at some point in our own lives. It is good to clarify a misconception and to speak truth into a lie, but sometimes a wrong can be made more wrong when we invest too much time trying to fix it.  With all the wrongs that need to be made right in this world, let us ask for wisdom  to know how much energy we should expend on trying to recover a tarnished reputation and to know when it is time to just move on.

Finishing Well

Good goals borne out of pure motives and godly intentions of the heart can be completely negated if the goals were achieved through ungodly process and hurtful methods.   The end does not justify the means and saying that “it all turned out fine in the end” should never absolve us from going back to apologize or make amends.