Waiting Well

waitingAdvent reminds us that the gap of time between what we are hoping for and the time in which in which we actually receive it is a valuable process. The act of receiving involves the process of obtaining and often the process of waiting.   In terms of character devlopment, how we wait is just as important as how we obtain.   Both take grace but somehow in the satisfaction of obtaining, we can forget the shortcomings of how we waited. Christmas has a way of challenging us in the area of waiting on so many levels.  Have we been frustrated, impatient and full of complaints?  Lord, give us the grace to be graceful waiters and teach us how to wait well.  Amen.

Already and Not Yet

santa prassede

He is already the King of a real kingdom that is not of this earth.  If He is our king, then we are people of his kingdom and kingdom people.   Lord increase your kingship in our hearts that we may live more according to your kingdom and less like the world while we are on this earth.  Grant us wisdom, grace and courage to bring your kingdom in to where the world touches us, to our spheres, and to the places where your kingdom is not yet. Thy kingdom come. He reigns and He will reign.  Amen.

Choose Life

As we come to know the person of God we come to understand that it is His breath in us that gives us life. In Him we live and move and have our being.  But before we knew God, He knew us.  He knew the person of our soul and the person of our body even before our bodies were fully formed. To know God is to know that human life is sacred for all persons, for those living inside the womb and for those living outside of the womb. The slaughter of innocent lives breaks the heart of God.  We do not have to look to twisted radical extremists in other countries to find genocide. We find it in the human medical bio-hazardous waste bins in our local hospitals. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison.



Holy Tea

Ordinary water becomes an extraordinary fragrant and  flavourful beverage when it is boiled and infused with a tea bag.  Come Lord Jesus and infuse us with your holy presence.  Soak us, steep us and permeate us so completely until our very being is transformed. that we may be your cup of love and mercy to the world.

Still Stopped at the Rock

rock (2)Sometimes the thing that blocks our path and stops our way forward is when we ourselves become our own stumbling block.  The way for us to get over ourselves and to move past is when we stop at the Cornerstone Rock. We move forward when we stop ourselves from getting past Him.  Lord help us to get over ourselves but to never get over you.

Seeing What We Are Missing

flower 1The eagle soars.
The horse gallops.
The flower blooms.
The sun rises.
The tree stands.
The stars shine.
The dolphin sails.
The wind blows.
Lord save us from familiarizing the spectacular, and from trivializing the consistent beauty, wonder and witness of your creation. Open our eyes to see you as the Creator behind the creation and the Beautiful One behind the beauty.  Help us to see what we are missing each day.

A Prayer For Spring

A piece of twine, a pointy stick, and a downy feather.  The search begins, as the spring robins scurry to build their nests.  Birds know by instinct when it is the right time to build a nest and when to prepare for the eggs to come.  When it is spring, the natural world of creation anticipates new life. Green buds on the trees, tender plants pushing through the soil, and eggs in the nest all point to a new season.

Dear Lord, may the promise of spring echo in our spirit. May we instinctively turn our
faces to You for new hope and for the anticipation of a fresh season.  As the soil becomes warm and fertile in the spring day sun, warm our hearts and stir us to new life.  May we watch for and bless the new things that your are birthing around us and in us.  Help us Lord to prepare our nests and to be ready for what is to come.   Amen

The Prayer of Investment


Making poor investments of our time is as detrimental as over-estimating
the worth of the assets that we are building.  Thankfully we have a wise Investment Adviser who is available 24 hours a day to give us advice on how to invest and spend our time.
However, His best advice for us is worthless to us unless we take it.  Unfortunately today, many of the highest returns of spiritual investments are missed because they may require a willingness in our part to embrace a season or even a life of earthly simplicity.

O Lord, give us clarity to see what we are doing with our time and how we are
spending it.  Steer us away from worthless diversions and empty investments of wood, hay and stubble. Give us the wisdom to recognize the worthy occupations of gold, silver and precious stones, and guide our feet towards them.  Should you require it, help us to embrace a diminished life in terms of earthly wealth in order to build something that you value.  Forgive our demands for prosperity in this life.  Provide everything that we need to accomplish what you have called us to do. Give us the courage to invest our lives into the Kingdom currencies that you treasure and hold dear for eternity.    Amen         T. Long