Gone Pondering….

peonyIt is hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  Ponder-worthy will return once again in September. Thank you for reading, sharing and following this blog.  A huge thank you to the talented Cathy Coulson who takes incredible photos to enhance these blog posts. May you all enjoy a wonderful summer that continues to bloom with many fragrant and ponder-worthy moments!

The God of Our Now

10891484_10155004788240581_2710426794677628024_n (1)God is identified in scripture as one who “was, and is, and is to come”  He is the God of the past, the present and the future.  It is good to look backward and remember the testimony of faithfulness of God in our days past.  It is wonderful to anticipate  the hope of an eternity with the God who holds our future.  But it is easy to forget that He is also the God of our present, the God of our right now, the God “who is” in this current moment of our lives. It takes effort to remember that God is always with us, that we are not alone, and like a friend, He is right beside us. Let us try to take some time this week to be fully present in the presence of the God “who is” and enjoy the One who walks with us. 

Aim to Walk Higher

relax (3)I have been told that 2 things are certain in life: death and taxes.  I would like to add a third – a continual lowering of world life standards.  It does not surprise me that the world continues to sink lower in terms of life standards. But it does surprise me when we claim to have a new Lord and Master yet we continue to live by the lowering standards of this world.  The laws that our country were founded on continue to be disrepected and disregarded. I expect that from the world, but not from the Redeemed. Our old mindset and ways of thinking need to come out from the world and be transformed.  Abortion, adultery, unfaithfulness in marriage, stealing, lying, disrespect for parents, consuming materialism, living for money, cheating employers, this should never be normal behaviour for a Christian yet churches are full of such and look no different from the world. Let us purpose in our hearts to aim to walk higher because if we aim at nothing, we will hit it every time.

Continual Resurrection Life

sky light divine (4)On an Easter morning long ago,  a heavy stone was miraculously rolled away from a tomb and a resurrected Jesus gloriously appeared as the risen Lord to the disciples who loved Him. He came to them and they were filled with a new love and a new hope that changed their lives forever.            And so it continues.                    Jesus continues to miraculously roll away the heavy stones of our hard hearts.  He continues to come as the risen Lord and Saviour and appears in the hearts of all who love Him.  And He continues to fill us and change us with new life, new love and new hope.  This is the good news of His continual resurrection life.

The God of Love

sunset 12It is a good thing to love the love of God.  But it is possible to be in love with the love of God more than being in love with the God of love. When we are in love with His love, we start doubting God and his promises when we do not feel His love. But when we come to know the God of love for His person and for who He is, we become more stable and secure in our position in His love even when the feelings of His love are absent.



Gone Pondering….

Time flies and another year has gone by!  Thank you to everyone for reading, liking, sharing and following the Ponder-worthy blog as it continues to grow and expand.  I write these hoping that you will be challenged to take a few moments every week to reflect on something that you feel is relevant and worth pondering. Thank you all so much and I will return in October with new posts. Have a great summer!

meaning of ponder:

to weigh mentally; think deeply about; consider carefully

from Classical Latin ponderare, to weigh ; from pondus meaning pound or weight

Our Prince of Peace

World peace is defined as someday in the future when there is no more conflict.  Personal peace is not that simple.  Our lives can be full of conflict, and challenging circumstances everyday. But there is a peace that is greater than ourselves and beyond the understanding of this world.

The story of Christmas does not end with a baby sleeping “in heavenly peace”.  The story continues beyond the song.  The baby is the Prince of Peace and offers the way for us to make peace with God. A peace that holds our feet on the Rock when all else sinks, and anchors our soul when all else is swept away.  A peace  that speaks to our spirit during the storms of life and says, “Peace, be still.”  This is not for some day in the future.  This is for here and now, for all who embrace their King, just as Mary embraced her baby on that Christmas night so long ago.

A Resident Joy

three-candles-132121300024031CDtThe third Sunday of Advent is for joy.  Our spirit and soul desperately search for it and may temporarily be satisfied with a fleeting imposter, but the joy so true, so pure, so unmistakeable and incomparable is found in Jesus.   The miracle of Christmas makes room for Jesus in a manger. The miracle of joy makes room for Jesus in our heart. Let every heart prepare Him room – as a permanent resident – not just as a guest at Christmas.  Joy to the world!

Hope For Our “Not Yets”

the_three_wise_men_following_the_north_star_to_bethlehem_0515-1012-0205-3833_SMUHope waits for a promise that is not yet fulfilled.   Hope watches for a star that has not yet appeared.  Hope walks to a place that is not yet known.

The wise men were on a journey of “not yets” long before they ever arrived at their destination.  It was also a journey of hope because they believed they would find what they were searching for.  We find Hope when we are hoping to find Him.  The second candle at Advent reminds us that He is the Hope not only of our destination, but also of our present journey.  Like a star, He lights a path for us to follow, and His rays of hope penetrate deep into the “not yets” of our hearts.