Soul Spring Thaw

frost (2)Just like the frozen, snow-covered ground of winter, the soil of our hearts can become winterized and hardened with the pain and sickness of unforgiveness.  Even when our hearts are warm and alive, we may still be protecting these hidden frozen enclaves. This is the season of melting snow, fading frost, and dripping icicles – all are pictures in creation that call out to us to turn the face of our hearts into the warming wind. Time, humility and the amazing grace of God  can soften our inner ice and warm us to embrace healing and reconciliation with our loved ones. Be open to what God could be saying to you through creation this spring. This could be your season for a soul spring thaw.

Remembering Well

wales 2Statistics say that bad and hurtful memories are remembered easier and that happy ones are harder to remember.  That means that it takes effort and intention to remember and count our blessings or else they soon become a distant memory or forgotten altogether.  It pleases God when we remember His goodness to us over the past years of our lives and it is healing for us to go back and see how God was with us even in the painful memories.  Let’s take the time to steward our memories well and also teach our children how to remember memories in a godly way. The ability to remember is a precious gift from God that should not be taken for granted.  We never know when we may lose it or have it diminished with age or disease.

The Soul’s Solution

moon 2 (2)Only He can:                                  Find a searching soul              Anchor a drifting soul              Cleanse a darkened soul              Melt a hardened soul                    Heal a wounded soul                            Revive a thirsty soul               Rescue a dying soul                       and Save a lost soul –                           Jesus, Lover of my soul.

The Fisher of Men

fishing alone (2)

There is no random cast of the net from the Fisherman’s boat.  There is no random cast of the rod in the Fisherman’s hand.  There is a fisherman-shaped hole in every heart and His love captures the soul that searches for it.  A glorious capture from cold dark waters. Kind and loving Fisherman, hook our souls and never let us go.

Reflections on the Virtues

trees (3)Humility withers in the shadow of self-promotion.                         Forgiveness is not defined by the absence of pain.                            Peace is deeper than the absence of conflict.                                          Hope looks past the unfavourable  forecast.                                       Faith is not shaken in the undesirable outcome.

The God of Love

sunset 12It is a good thing to love the love of God.  But it is possible to be in love with the love of God more than being in love with the God of love. When we are in love with His love, we start doubting God and his promises when we do not feel His love. But when we come to know the God of love for His person and for who He is, we become more stable and secure in our position in His love even when the feelings of His love are absent.



Little Big Things

drops on red (2)Great things come in small packages that we often ignore, dismiss, or miss entirely because of its size or seeming insignificance. Sometimes the greatest revelations from God to our hearts appear in the tiniest of details to our eyes. Let us open our eyes wide this week and watch for the small things in order to hear what God would say to us through them.. Don’t miss it!

Reality Check

bare tree (2)We would find it unusual if someone claims to be a pianist but doesn’t play the piano, or claims to be an athlete but is not athletic, or a chauffer who doesn’t drive, or a chef that doesn’t cook…you get the picture. But when it comes to the Christian sub-culture, it is not only common, it is accepted as normal when someone claims to be a disciple of Christ but is not disciplined in the basic spiritual foundations, or claims to be a follower of Jesus but is not walking in His footsteps.  Let us take a bare and honest moment for a reality check and ask ourselves if we really are attempting to live like the person that we claim to be.

The Colours of His Fingerprints

crimson dawnThe sigh of crimson waking the dawn. The chirp of brown calling the sun. The mirror of blue calming the lake. The smell of green following the rain. The taste of red picked from the field. The touch of gold brushing the trees. The swirl of orange raking the wind.   The chill of white crunching the boot. The whisper of indigo nighting the sky. Creation stewards the beauty of His hands, and these are the colours of His fingerprints.