Continual Resurrection Life

sky light divine (4)On an Easter morning long ago,  a heavy stone was miraculously rolled away from a tomb and a resurrected Jesus gloriously appeared as the risen Lord to the disciples who loved Him. He came to them and they were filled with a new love and a new hope that changed their lives forever.            And so it continues.                    Jesus continues to miraculously roll away the heavy stones of our hard hearts.  He continues to come as the risen Lord and Saviour and appears in the hearts of all who love Him.  And He continues to fill us and change us with new life, new love and new hope.  This is the good news of His continual resurrection life.


A Good Question For Holy Week

cross (4)Why do you look for the living among the dead?  That was the question that the 2 angels asked the women who came to the tomb looking for Jesus.  The angels told them that Jesus was not there, but he had risen.  The women were looking in the wrong place.  This is still a relevant question to ask ourselves 2000 years later.  Our souls search for life but we look in all the wrong and empty places.  Life cannot be found in the tombs of this world.  We find life when we find the risen Jesus. This Easter, let us end our search in the dead end places.   Let our souls rise up to meet Him and let us continue to receive the abundant life that He freely gives.

Promises Greater Than Spring

flowers5 (2)None of us would doubt for a moment the promise that spring is coming.  We have every faith that  the sun will shine warmer and the flowers will burst forth again into glorious blossoms.  If we are blessed to live until 80 years of age, we will have witnessed 80 springs and have believed 80 times  that spring is coming.  It is easy to believe in spring.  How much more then should we believe the promises of God who proves himself faithful to us not 80 times but every day of our lives. Each morning, as surely as the sun rises, his grace and mercy is showered down upon us with the precious gifts of life and love. God’s promises never fail.  We experience them every day and they are uncountable.   If we can put our faith in spring, let us put our faith in the One who made spring and whose promises are far greater than the promise of spring.

Soul Spring Thaw

frost (2)Just like the frozen, snow-covered ground of winter, the soil of our hearts can become winterized and hardened with the pain and sickness of unforgiveness.  Even when our hearts are warm and alive, we may still be protecting these hidden frozen enclaves. This is the season of melting snow, fading frost, and dripping icicles – all are pictures in creation that call out to us to turn the face of our hearts into the warming wind. Time, humility and the amazing grace of God  can soften our inner ice and warm us to embrace healing and reconciliation with our loved ones. Be open to what God could be saying to you through creation this spring. This could be your season for a soul spring thaw.

Remembering Well

wales 2Statistics say that bad and hurtful memories are remembered easier and that happy ones are harder to remember.  That means that it takes effort and intention to remember and count our blessings or else they soon become a distant memory or forgotten altogether.  It pleases God when we remember His goodness to us over the past years of our lives and it is healing for us to go back and see how God was with us even in the painful memories.  Let’s take the time to steward our memories well and also teach our children how to remember memories in a godly way. The ability to remember is a precious gift from God that should not be taken for granted.  We never know when we may lose it or have it diminished with age or disease.

The Soul’s Solution

moon 2 (2)Only He can:                                  Find a searching soul              Anchor a drifting soul              Cleanse a darkened soul              Melt a hardened soul                    Heal a wounded soul                            Revive a thirsty soul               Rescue a dying soul                       and Save a lost soul –                           Jesus, Lover of my soul.

The Fisher of Men

fishing alone (2)

There is no random cast of the net from the Fisherman’s boat.  There is no random cast of the rod in the Fisherman’s hand.  There is a fisherman-shaped hole in every heart and His love captures the soul that searches for it.  A glorious capture from cold dark waters. Kind and loving Fisherman, hook our souls and never let us go.