Quiet Pools

 sea shore 2 (3)The Lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul.   Psalm23

Quiet Pools is a Christian Contemplative Ministry that includes day retreats,  evening meetings, conferences and special events designed for women who have leadership roles in Christian ministry.  It provides an opportunity to leave our busy world and to come away to a quiet place to encounter Jesus by the restful pools of reflection, adoration, thankfulness,  quiet worship and communion with God.  It is for ladies who desire to cultivate their interior life by “being” with God so that our “doing” for God comes from that place of balance and rest.  It is a time for “more of Him and less of me.” 

Quiet Pools is a cross-denominational ministry that is Bible-based, God-honouring, Christ centered and Holy Spirit guided. It also resources some material from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete and Geri Scazzero, Richard Foster, the Desert Fathers, Ruth Haley Barton,  Henri Nouwen  (to name a few) and from Christian prayer communities.

For the latest details, dates and events please visit our website: Quiet Pools

Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Quiet Pools

  1. I love your heartbeat on this. We so need a place to come aside and find refreshing in His presence. Somehow it just seems to take breaking away from everyday life and ordinary settings to truly rest, wait and listen for our Bridegroom. Thank you for creating this space. I look forward to joining you.

  2. Absolutely love this Terry! I wish I was living in Ottawa right now..I’d be there in a flash! 🙂 May there be new horizons and wide open spaces for you as you continue to explore the wonders of our Triune God!

  3. It was a wonderful rich day for me to attend. Terry and Richard did in a beautiful way bring us to a higher level in our intimacy with Jesus. The quiet privacy during the day allowed me to look at my soul in my relationship with the Saviour. The “stations” were enriching and allowed me to meditate on the various reflections. A time to quietly sit and soak in God’s presence and hear His voice speaking to my hart was incredible peaceful and refreshing for me. As Terry said” spending time alone is essential for our well-being, It is not a luxury but essential.” I highly recommend to spend a day with Quiet Pools at Bethesda it is a beautiful place. Thank you for making this opportunity available.

  4. Terry –

    May the Lord bless you and the women you are gathering to rest in and worship in His presence.

    Fred Milnes

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