All Things Are Possible

Sometimes the most miraculous thing that we can do is not “signs and wonders”. It is when we make a way to clear our calendars for a time to meet with God – a sacred space devoted to Him with our full attention, void of electronics and multi-tasking.  It is a time to be fully present to Him long enough to experience a meaningful encounter.  Perhaps it is time for us to take a look at our impossibly busy calendars and remember that all things are possible, even the miracle of free time if we look really hard.

Investing Beyond Ourselves

The mark of a mature leader with a father-heart is one who is secure enough in their own gifting and identity in Christ to be able to reach down and pull someone up from beneath with the hope and intent to help that person surpass the leader.   We fall short and miss the mark when we believe that they will always be less mature, always less gifted, or that the mentored will always be lesser than the mentor, or that they will always be called to follow their leader. Leaders are called to build followers of Jesus, not to build and keep followers beneath themselves.

How Are You Listening?

Communication is so much more than just words and information.  Expression and intonation play an important role. We can wait a long time, miss out on a lot of revelation and possibly miss the point entirely if we think that words are the only way that God whispers in our hearts. Often there is a deeper revelation without words or beyond words if we listen for the glorious weight of His expression or the tender sound of His intonation towards us, full of power, love and mercy. Direction may come from information, but intonation carries transformation.


Finishing Well

Good goals borne out of pure motives and godly intentions of the heart can be completely negated if the goals were achieved through ungodly process and hurtful methods.   The end does not justify the means and saying that “it all turned out fine in the end” should never absolve us from going back to apologize or make amends.